Website Hosting Packages
A website is the ULTIMATE KICKSTART for your business or even your life.
We live in a global world -- You can SPEAK TO THE WORLD online.

Select the website package that will fit your needs. We will help you with the custom design and server configuration,

and be there to assist in updates. Your site will be professional and unique

-- representing your business to the max!

We will do all of the design and register your domain name and manage the server for you. You will manage your pages and add content, images and ideas.  Can you get cheaper websites?  Probably, but not better sites!  But we specialize in helping you every step of the way to be successful. 

ALL WEBSITES are hosted on top of the line servers and there is never any outside advertising on your pages.  We provide custom design based on your business and needs, working with you to get a website the truly reflects YOU.  The sites are optimized and set up so you can manage the Meta-tags and keywords, keeping them totally updated.

  Basic I
 Thrifty II Economy
Elite III
 Custom Pro
Professional Platinum IV Commercial

 $100 off
Server Space 1 pp 6 pp 15 pp 30 pp unlimited
Annual Payments 99
899 - 1200
Design & Technical Support Free Free Free Free Free
Dedicated Domain Name Free Free Free Free Free
Email Addresses / Forwarders  1 1 2 3 4
Updates (do it yourself)  Limited  Free  Free  Free Free
Hosting "On the Backbone, Beyond the Sidewalks"
Satisfaction Guarantee
Quarterly Template Updates
Meta Tag Support
Search Engine Optimization        
Anytime Edit Pages      
Anytime Upload Photos      
Pre-formatted pages (FAQ, Contracts, Testimonials )  
Facebook/Twitter/Visitor Counter  
Anytime Upload PDF Pages        
Fill-In Forms    
Photo Album    
Accept PayPal Payments    
Scrolling Text    
Visitor Counter        
E-Book Basic (one book)    
Shopcart Basic (up to 25 items)    
Shopcart Advanced (up to 100 items, inventory control, coupons, discounts, much more!      
Accept Credit Card Payments      
E-Book Premium (up to 20 books)      
Custom Favicon      
Email Collector      
Video (YouTube format)          
Shopcart Premium - 400+
Premium Shopcart Package          


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