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Dogs Need A Life

I firmly believe that every dog needs a “job”.  For some that may just be as a companion for its human but all dogs are companions but not all have the jobs they need. Being in the house or a … Continue reading

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A Special Day At Freezeout Lake With Grizzy

Branta’s Grizzly Bear, aka Griz, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, was born in North Dakota in September 1995. It became clear early on that Griz would rather swim than walk and would much rather have a bird fall in the water … Continue reading

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Name That Dog!

I have always been interested in what names were chosen for my dogs as well as the names my friends’ gave their dogs. With the service puppies, most of the time there was a theme and the puppy raiser could … Continue reading

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In Memory of Omega III

On Saturday 19 March, Liz and Dennis Yard from CA had to say goodbye to their golden/lab Omega.  I have known Liz and Dennis for several years through the service dog community.  But I think I only met them maybe … Continue reading

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The Fear/Avoidance Period for Puppies

From 8-10 weeks of age puppies enter the fear/avoidance phase of their development.  This can be one of most crucial times for the pup and owners need to be aware that pups can be especially sensitive to traumatic experiences and … Continue reading

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A New Puppy

When Joy died the last thing on my mind was another puppy; but then a few weeks after her death, Joy came to me in a dream and reminded me of Sky River Goldens.  I had checked them out in … Continue reading

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When They Pass

It is a sad fact of life, that we will most likely out live our dogs.  I have raised 10 Service puppies for three different Assistant Dog programs.  In addition I have raised 10 of our own dogs, three of … Continue reading

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