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April-May Showers Bring The Flowers That Bloom in June-July, We Hope

While I like rain and know it is so valuable to the environment after our drought of the last several years, it is going overboard (no pun intended).  Everything is at least a month behind, Pat cannot do any of … Continue reading

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It’s Just A Dog!

In another few weeks it will be a year since my Joy was diagnosed with lymphoma and started chemo but on 10 October she died from complications of the procedure. Before starting chemo, she was a bit slower and stiffer … Continue reading

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

I am often asked why dogs eat grass and how can I stop my dog from eating grass?  Basically no one really knows the answer to this question but I can tell you about my dogs. Sacajawea is an 18 … Continue reading

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Wonderful Spring Rain!

I love the rain, especially in the spring.  I love the smell of it as it brings the earth alive, love how it sounds, how it looks on all of the things it touches.  Especially like how it drips off … Continue reading

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