In Memory of Omega III

On Saturday 19 March, Liz and Dennis Yard from CA had to say goodbye to their golden/lab Omega.  I have known Liz and Dennis for several years through the service dog community.  But I think I only met them maybe once in person at a service dog graduation.  I was always envious of their pool parties where the dogs got to be in the pool too.  I am honored to share their words about their dear Omega.

“ When he was turned in for advanced training, the puppy coordinator said the first thing was two weeks of medical evaluations and then two weeks of temperament evaluations. I  turned to Dennis and said “four weeks and he’ll be home”.  He made it three before being released. He came home that night, climbed into his favorite chair and looked at us like, “never do that to me again”. 

He would pick up anything, metal, etc., all that stuff dogs normally don’t like to and that was his great talent.  I have always said his idea of service was, “what are you going to do for me?”.

Yesterday the moment came when it was Omega’s time to go to the Rainbow Bridge.   He was 13 years and 3 months old.

It was a couple of months ago when our vet found a large tumor on his kidney during an ultrasound scan trying to determine why Omega had a persistent bladder infection.

Since then he faded in energy and interest in his normal food. On Wednesday and Thursday he would only go after the gravy portion and stopped drinking water.   He even stopped wanting special treats.    He would not want to get up from lying on the floor, unless helped up and out.   He had to be suffering and he was telling us it was Ok to let him go.

He got final super snacks in the form of chocolate ice cream in the car on the way to the vets and three chocolate cupcakes with green frosting from the vet.

Omega went gently and quietly to join his Yard pack-mates Nedra, Bailey, and his sister Oatsie at the Rainbow Bridge at 4 PM.   He did not go alone, Dennis stayed with him.  We’re sure he has joined his friends Marin, Vienna, Evans, and so many more from our CCI days.  Omega seems to be the last of the pack that brought so many of us together as friends in the past twenty years of service dog adventures.

We will miss him beyond words for his wonderful personality, affection and companionship on so many adventures.

Thanks to all of you for your puppy sitting, pool parties, house parties, dog parties, beach outings and events where Omega so enjoyed romping.  Hugs to all of you and your pups.”

Dennis, Liz and the boys; Rocky and Oliver.

(Please click on photos to enlarge them.)

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