A Special Day At Freezeout Lake With Grizzy

Branta’s Grizzly Bear, aka Griz, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, was born in North Dakota in September 1995. It became clear early on that Griz would rather swim than walk and would much rather have a bird fall in the water than on land. He made so many memorable, unbelievable retrieves that he is somewhat of a legend among our friends. He has dived into ice cold water and dodged ice floes to retrieve a goose. He has broken ice on a pond to swim out to retrieve a fallen bird more than once. He has retrieved the heaviest of birds some weighing as much as 15 pounds and the smallest ducks that weigh ounces and are barely visible in his big mouth as he brings them back.

In May 2008 I submitted an article to the Real Hunting magazine,  http://www.realhuntingmag.com/pages/index.asp, about a hunting experience Grizzy and I had in the fall of 2007.  They said it was one of the most popular stories they had printed.  They published that magazine–Aug/Sept issue, a few weeks before Grizzy died; it was a great tribute to Griz who suffered with advanced severe arthritis in his last years and developed osteosarcoma in his left shoulder in early 2008. This is our story of that day:

(If you double click on some of the pages they will enlarge for easier reading)









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