Training with Sacajawea–week 14

Sacajawea is a golden retriever puppy from WA.  She comes from strong hunting lines and will be hunting with us this fall.  I named her Sacajawea after the young Indian woman who guided Lewis and Clark.  Sacajawea means “bird woman” which seemed to be a great name for our new pup.

Sacajawea will be 14 weeks old on Tuesday 19 April.  She is one of the most energetic and fastest learning pups I have worked with.  Her energy is a challenge, can get in the way when we are working but she is getting better at pacing herself and being more in tuned to me.

She loves to work, sees it as play so will try anything I ask of her.  She learned her name within about a week and now comes when I call her name or whistle almost without fail.  Fresh deer pellets can deter her but she finally lets go and comes running.

Besides recall to her name or my whistle, she has learned many other commands, boundaries, etc.

1–she is much better with the house breaking; no accidents for several weeks and she is pretty good at doing “potty” on command;

2–she is very good at “Wait” while her meal bowl is being put into her eating crate and until she gets the “ok”.  As she is waiting, she often looks from me to a glance at her bowl and then back to me;

3–she has been sleeping from about 9:30pm – 5:30 am.  Since she now weighs 21# she has a new larger sleeping crate in the bedroom so she can stretch out the way she likes to.  She enjoys her crates; will nap after her meal in her eating crate and readily goes into her sleeping crate at night.  She also has a play pen in the living room where she can play by herself and take naps;

4–she loves going up the plank to the training table where we work on Stand, Sit, Down, Stay, Fetch, Bow, and Shake ‘n Bake.  The training table is good for teaching pups and also for grooming because the dog is at eye level making for better communication and I do not have to bend over which is great for my back;

5–She has learned “No Dogs” which I say when going through a gate, door, etc. and I do not want the dogs to follow me.  This is especially necessary when I go to the mail box because she would then be on the road.

When I use that command, the dogs stand back and either sit and wait for me or wander off while keeping an eye on my return.  Saca learned the command very quickly.

She loves snow, loves to dig for pocket gophers, loves to be with Freezy wrestling or just hanging out or napping,

Saca loves to run,

she loves to carry things like tennis balls which she will fetch,

and sticks are a major part of her day as she carries them as long and heavy as she can handle,Saca also loves obstacles.  The western side of our property is all huge boulders and trees.  The dogs love it when we get to that area on our walks because there are so many places to sniff, climb, run around, etc.  At first, I had to lift her over some areas but now she has learned where the trail is and which boulders she can easily scramble up and down.

She is in a beginning puppy class and is so excited when we get there.  She loves class and her teacher Nancy.  She works hard and sleeps all the way home.  She is learning body awareness with various obstacles, recall, sit, touch, and walking on a loose leash.

Sacajawea has a happy, fun personality which is a delight to work with.  I am happy to have her as part of my life.


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