Wonderful Spring Rain!

I love the rain, especially in the spring.  I love the smell of it as it brings the earth alive, love how it sounds, how it looks on all of the things it touches.  Especially like how it drips off all of the pine needles.

This is the part of our front dog yard that I have been working on for the last two days.  We always end up with dead spots from heavily worn trails and dog pee.  So I re-seed them and put top soil on.  The dogs love the front yard and are not happy that I will not let them in there right now; maybe after the rain and few days of sunshine.

When we first moved to Montana it seemed like it rained all the time.  Back then I had gorgeous tall prize irises.

Then the drought came and my flower beds suffered.  Now I seem to lose several irises every winter, and the ones that last are short, not as showy.

And in the summer it seems like I am watering all the time and barely keeping up the front dog yard.  This past summer we discovered that our well has really dropped and we can only get enough for house use.  So, we will need to have a new well dug in a few weeks; makes me appreciate this rain even more.

I also love to go for walks with my dogs in the rain.  Ruger the Vizsla, does NOT like to get wet but he will stay out long enough to check his rabbit, squirrel and pocket gopher holes.  And he keeps moving all the time, almost like he is running between drops.  When he comes in he really appreciates a good rub-down and then he crawls into his deep bed.

We have three parts to our five acres; the ponds/flower bed areas that are fenced off from the dogs, the front dog yard that has lots of open space for running and a boulder/forest area for poking around in.  Everything else is open; some is fenced with cedar and couple of sides are fenced with woven wire so the dogs stay in the front cedar fenced yard if no one is home because woven wire can cause dogs, especially puppies, to get into trouble.  But when I go for walk with them we cover the whole area.

The east side is mostly pasture and is where the pocket gophers hang out.  It is a favorite spot for all the dogs and is now riddled with holes and trenches they have dug to try to catch a gopher.

When it rains the dirt is soft and especially easy to dig and man is that fun, and do they ever get muddy!

It is also the side of property that the deer jump over the fence to find greens.  So there are always lots of fresh deer pellets to munch on.  The rain will make the pellets soft again and even better to eat.

Freezy and Sacajawea love the rain, almost as much as they love the snow.  Freezy the lab  is a water dog and her fur only gets wet on the surface.  But Saca’s puppy fur really soaks up the water and she was a bit chilled when we came in this morning.

But not before some wrestling, splashing in pools of standing water, running up and down one of ramps,  running circles, just because I guess.  She will be ready to go on an afternoon walk after her nap.

The rain is really bringing out the wild flowers on our more forested west side of the property.  The pasque flowers have been up for some time but close at night and during the day if the sun does not come out.  Their basal leaves and stems are hairy and collect water so they droop in the rain.

But the yellow bells and shooting stars are really coming out now.

Yes, we love the rain but sooner or later we have to come in to dry off before going out again.

And some of us, like Saca, gets to have a warm lunch and nap.

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