April-May Showers Bring The Flowers That Bloom in June-July, We Hope

While I like rain and know it is so valuable to the environment after our drought of the last several years, it is going overboard (no pun intended).  Everything is at least a month behind, Pat cannot do any of his field work, deer, elk, antelope are getting close to giving birth in cold wet weather, wild birds are starting to hatch and will not make it in this weather.

Pat has been working on a report so he is busy.  This time of the year I want to be outside.  The older dogs just sleep but the pup gets bored even playing with her keys.

So I put on my rain gear, grab my camera and treat bag, call the dogs and out we go.  Definitely a wet day but I love the mist on the mountains.

And the front dog yard is looking really good; lots of green grass for chase, tennis ball, and croquet.And at least someone can stay out forever in the rain and love it.

The dogs will stay out as long as I do, unless they get really wet and cold.  They love to go through the rock/forest area, play chase, eat grass or better yet the sainfoin, and just be.

And even if it is raining you might as well check out the water tub.

The flowers that are blooming are mostly cool weather ones:

RibesPussytoesPrairie Smoke Grape HyacinthForget-me-notsthe rest that should be in bloom or setting fruit by now are just budding out or trying:

Virginia creeperApple treeFlowering crabMountain bluetPear tree (usually all white and full of perfume by now)TulipsPoppiesLilacsGambel’s oak tree on Grizzy’s graveService berry bush

but the rocks are doing well.

I particularly like this brown rock I spotted in eastern Montana last fall when we went hunting out there after Joy died.  It is on her grave now.

And when I make cobble stones I often put stones in to make bear tracks like the rock above, or  have dogs step in the wet cement or spell out a dog’s name; here is Joy in flint.


So, while outside we might as well do some training:

down-staysit-staysit-stay with distraction of the nice sloppy mud lakeand then finish with some tennis:

When we come in we have to first rub along the hall wall to try to get dry;

And then we steal Joy’s bed so we can warm up and take a nap.






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