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Yesterday was Sacajawea’s 1st birthday.  I look at all of the tons of photos I have taken of her since her arrival in March of last year and see how much she has changed, not only physically but emotionally.  She is a wonderful dog, a very special gift from my Joysie through her dream to me after her death.

I am writing this blog not only to honor my sweet girl’s first year with us but to ask for some help.  My last post on Tuesday was titled “A Birdy Weekend”.  The counter shows that many people visited the site.  But as I was working on the post I went to check my subscribers list and could not find it.  Turns out during these last many months when I have not felt like writing, WordPress changed a lot of software and now that I have it all updated, my stats say I do not have any subscribers!  So, if you are a subscriber and got the post from the other day and get this one, could you please let me know, either by leaving a comment on this post or sending me an email?

Back to dogs…..yesterday morning was a sunny bright day with fresh new snow–perfect for Saca’s birthday.  I took my camera out and got a couple of pics of the girls.

We were going to make snow angels, at least I was going to but probably with dogs on top of me!  And we were going to make a big snow dog, go for a long walk all around the property and spend extra time in the boulder forest on the west side of our property, the favorite place for all the dogs.  However, after a couple of photos, I was adjusting my camera and saw Saca and Freezy off to my right wrestling.  Then suddenly they were running towards me as they often do and before I could move they smashed into the side of my right knee.  After I managed to catch my breath, pick my camera up out of the snow, I took a few tentative steps to make sure my artificial knee was still ok.  I was able to walk to the house, got a compression wrap, ice, and elevation on my knee and called my orthopod.  But he was in surgery all day so his tech asked what was going on and said she would talk to him during a break between his surgeries.  They called later to tell me he wanted to see me Tuesday afternoon.

The knee is swollen and tender but hopefully it is just a strained MCL or something similar.  Of course the worst part as far as the dogs are concerned is that I need to stay off of it as much as possible so no outdoor walking but depending on what the doctor says today I can maybe at least stand on the deck and throw tennis balls out into the yard for the girls to run after and retrieve to me.

Yesterday  Saca kept coming to me, laying her head in my lap to tell me she wanted me to go out and play with them. They love being out in the snow but they like it better if I am with them and will not stay as long as they do when I am out too.

And we were planning to go pheasant hunting and up to Freezeout Lake this weekend.  I doubt I will be doing any hunting but probably can do a ride up to FL; it is a bit of a tradition for us to be up there on the last weekend of the hunting season even if it is all frozen up and the birds gone.  Plus we might see another snowy owl and Pat can take the dogs for a long walk.

“If you don’t have anything to do play, preferably with your dogs; if you do have things to do, play anyway.”

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