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About Us - Beyond the Sidewalks

My first memories of a bookstore was many years ago when as a child - somewhere in the 1950's -  I would find a quiet corner in my mother's bookstore, pick a beckoning book from a shelf and immerse myself for a few hours between the covers.  She had the largest "small" bookstore between the Great Lakes (Chicago) and the west coast (Seattle) -- nestled in a quiet valley in Montana. She built a beautiful business and was a classic Independent Book Dealer years before any chains appeard on the horizon.  I once accompanied her to New York when I was in high school.  A salesperson from Random House met us and took us all for lunch in a private club and there he extolled the roll of book dealers such as my mom.  He said she was the backbone of the industry.  In years of late, the small independent stores have struggled. But they are still the backbone that sustains a large corner of the world. 

I grew up in the bookstore and came to love the touch, the feel, the smell of books.  I now often use an E-Reader and electronic books, but every few stories I have to get my hands on a real paper copy of a book.  Books sustain me.  With this past year, I have turned to E-books more andmore, but Covid will pass, and I look forward to purusing the shelves of the local shops once again. 

But for now, we live "Beyond the Sidewalks".  It is with great pride and pleasure that we can offer a few books (paper, printed and E-books).    We also offer fine art and other collectibles.  We are just building our site, so please bookmark us and come back in a few months.  We will be here, between the stacks.



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